July 2014

  • Lundahl Transformers will be closed for summer holidays between July 5 and August 4. We wish you all a nice summer (or winter if you are in the South hemisphere).
September 2013
  • Audio Engineering Society Exhibition, New York, October 18 - 20 Lundahl Transformers will as usual exhibit at the American AES Exhibition. This year the exhibition is at Jacob Javits Center, New York City between October 18 and 20. We will be in booth 3153. Please come see us. For information and free visitor registration please visit:
December 2012
  • PANSTEP We are happy to announce that PANSTEP is now our distributor of tube amplifier transformers in Ukraine. Visit their website at
November 2012
  • Thank you everybody who visited our booth at the AES Exhibition in San Francisco! Also congratulations to the San Francisco Giants (and fans) for winning the World Series during our visit!Our next exhibition will be the Musikmesse/Pro Light & Sound in Frankfurt, April 10 - 13 2013. We look forward to see you there.
June 2012

New transformer types

April 2012

      Our top-of-the-line moving coil stepup transformers are now available with high purity silver wire windings. The transformers are named:

LL1931Ag (1+1 : 8+8, amorphous core)
LL1933Ag (1+1 : 8+8, mu metal core)
LL1941Ag (1+1 : 16+16, amorphous core)
LL1943Ag (1+1 : 16+16, mu metal core)

  • In spite of the small difference in electrical conductivity between copper and silver (approx 6%), the sonic difference is not negligible.
    Kevin Carter's (of K&K Audio) comments can be found on,
    A similar report is received from Thomas Mayer via
  • LL1944
    is a four output splitting transformer primarily designed for active splitters, speaker boxes etc.
    The LL1944 is similar to the LL1560, but without the 6dB stepdown from primary to secondary.
  • LL2734
    is a low winding resistance anode choke for parafeed and for low current power supply applications.
  • LL1940
    is a tube microphone transformer with "character".
    In the LL1940 we are using a silicon-iron C-core, which is unusual for this type of application. The result is a transformer with more "transformer sound character", compared to a classic mu metal lamination transformer.