The new small mains transformer LL2758 was designed in cooperation with Claus Byrith, for many years the head of the studio at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus. We have asked Claus to introduce […]

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What is the sound difference between mu metal and amorphous core transformers?

Many customers ask us for the difference in sound between our mu metal lamination transformers and our strip core amorphous transformers. We have forwarded the question to Kevin Carter at K&K Audio. Here are his […]

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New interstage transformers!

During the last year Lundahl Transformers have developed a new line of Single-End to Single-End 1:1 interstage transformers.

When conventional design practice is applied to this type of transformers you easily get destructive capacitive coupling between […]

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AES in New York!

The 139th International AES Convention is coming up!
This year located at Jacob Javits Center in New York City, October 29th – Nov 1st.
We will of course be there and you can find us in […]

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