About us

The Factory

The factory has almost doubled in size since 2000.

Lundahl Transformers is one of the world´s leading manufacturer of high performance audio transformers. We deliver transformers to pro audio industries in most European countries, Japan, Australia, HongKong and the USA. The Lundahl transformer can be found in the majority of Europe’s music and radio stations.

Our standard range of audio transformers is continually growing and presents different types of audio input and output transformers. It also includes hybrid transformers, pulse tranformers (for digital audio) and transformers for high-end audiophile equipment such as tube and solid state amplifiers, preamps, phono stages and more. In addition to audio applications, we manufacture transformers for video (CCTV) applications.

In order to realize our transformer design philosophies, almost all the machinery used in the factory has been developed and built by our own engineers. We have developed our own PC based software for transformer winding and other machines. All of that results in freedom of transformer design and an ability to offer design variation and completely new designs upon customer requests.

Lars Lundahl, M.Sc. in electrical engineering, and his wife Gunnel Lundahl founded the company in their garage in 1958. Lars is today no longer active in the company, but still spends most of his days in the factory developing spot welding equipment. Gunnel on the other hand is still active in several roles, mostly in production planning and shipping. Managing director is Per Lundahl, M.Sc. in applied physics. Before joining his parents company, Per worked in several R&D departments for private Swedish industry.

Lundahl Transformers has shown profit every year for the past 40 years, making controlled growth possible. The company employs about 30 persons and is located in a wholly owned factory in Norrtälje. This popular seaside resort is located 45 minutes north of Stockholm’s international airport Arlanda.