housing2_450x397 housing1_450x497Housing for LL1620-size transformers

suitable for LL1620, LL1623, LL1627, LL1648, LL1649, LL1650, LL1651, LL1679, LL2410, LL2414, LL2418, LL2419, LL9202

We commissioned an industrial designer to develop a new transformer cover concept that fit the needs of our particular style of C-core transformer. The designer came up with this very clever, ventilated, space efficient cover that provides some unique functionality.

It is a four piece design that uses the transformer itself as a structural member and is configured so the transformer connections are readily accessible without removing the whole assembly from the chassis.


Dimensions: 126 mm (4.95”) tall
95 x 95 mm (3.76” x 3.76”) footprint
Material: 2 mm construction steel
Finish: Medium charcoal semi-gloss powder coat
Logo: Black silk screen print
Assembly hardware: 2 sets of screws, included
Data sheet with footprint drawing: 1620_housing.pdf
Design: Marcus Nääs, Nääs Design