Miscellaneous applications transformers

AES/EBU digital transformers, 100V loudspeaker transformers, Video isolation transformers, Telephone hybrid transformers.


Transformers for digital audio (AES/EBU)
LL1572 1:1 transformer for galvanic isolation. Replaces LL1566
LL1574 AES/EBU to S/P DIF (110:75 ohms) impedance matching digital transformer.
LL1573 for splitting, 2 outputs
LL1589 for splitting, 3 outputs

Please notice that splitting digital audio signal is not as easy as splitting analog audio signal, as you must observe cable termination impedances.

High power loudspeaker transformers for 100V audio systems,normally used as autoformers.
LL2410 A very flexible (too flexible?) high power general purpose transformer which can be configured for nearly all 100V system applications.
LL2414 Based on the LL2410, but has less windings to facilitate usage.
LL2419 A 100V loudspeaker autoformer with a tap at 58% of winding. Thus the LL2419 can be used for 220W / 8 ohms (42V) or 420W / 8 ohms (58V) loudspeakers.

LL2418 A 400W / 50Hz 1:1 output transformer designed for high power solid state amplifiers.
LL1575 Video isolation transformer
LL6702 Telephone hybrid transformer