Problem Solvers

Stereo Isolation and Balancing Unit

SIB15 is the perfect tool for connecting unbalanced audio sources such as laptops and tablets to professional audio systems. In particular when a laptop is the source for both audio and video signals, SIB15 eliminates any ground loops which are the most common sources of hum and noise.

XLR inline transformer units

In-line XLR units with integrated high level audio isolation transformer.
For breaking up ground loops in audio systems and for
balanced-to-unbalanced conversion
No galvanic contact between input and output connectors
High quality audio transformer with amorphous strip core
Magnetically shielded housings with XLR connectors or short patch cable ends


Stereo Isolation Unit

For connecting laptops etc. to balanced audio systems
TypeConnectors Cable LengthMax Prim. Level
SIB15 3.5 mm stereo mini jack -- 2 x XLR Male1.8 m +12 dbu / 3V RMS / 8 V P-P

Medium impendance units

TypeConnectorsCable Length Max Prim. Level. 1% dist, 50Hz
LL1584-3FX3MXXLR-F --- XLR-MNo cable 17 dBU
LL1584-3FXNP2CXLR-F --- 1/4" male10 cm 17 dBU
LL1584-3FXPHMXLR-F --- Phono male10 cm 17 dBU
LL1584-PHF3MXPhono female --- XLR-M No cable 17 dBU
LL6810Phono Male --- Phono Male 2 m 15 dBU

High level, high impedance isolation units

Pro Audio / Problem solvers / High level, high impedance isolation units
TypeConnectorsCable Length Max Prim. Level. 1% dist, 50Hz
LL156X-3FX3MXXLR-F --- XLR-MNo cable24 dBU
LL156X-3FXNP2C XLR-F --- 1/4" male10 cm24 dBU
LL156X-3FXPHM XLR-F --- Phono male10 cm24 dBU
LL156X-PHF3MXPhono female --- XLR-M No cable24 dBU